Frequently Asked Questions

Replacing Inner Soles
View this video to learn how to insert replacement inner soles.



Washing Instructions for Sheepskin Products Made at The Leather Works
When it's time to wash your slippers, remove the innersoles, if possible. Next, wash them in the sink or washing machine on gentle cycle in cold water only. Use a mild soap or shampoo. Remove the slipper parts from the washer and let them air dry. Be sure to lay removeable innersoles flat when drying. It is essential that there be no heat when washing or drying sheepskin products. If your slippers or hat feature long wool sheepskin, brush the long wool after washing. This process is only for use with the sheepskin products we make here at The Leather Works. Imported sheepskin footwear should not be immersed in water.  It should be spot cleaned on the surface with a suede cleaning kit.