Frequently Asked Questions

What replacement soles should I purchase?

The type of replacement sole you require depends on the slipper you have. The best way to tell what sole you need is to grab the sheepskin on inside bottom of your slipper and give it a gentle tug.

If the sole comes out and has a hard leather backing, you need our "Replacement innersoles". The "Replacement innersoles" (we call them R-soles for short) go to the All American Sierra slippers, both with the leather bottom and the traction bottom. Our Princess slippers also take R-sole. Simply check the size printed on the hard leather backing and order that!

If the innersole does not come out when tugged, it can not be replaced. Our All American Softie does not have a removable innersole. Neither does the Woolworks brand. We do not recommend trying to layer another innersole on the sheepskin that is already in the slipper. The sheepskin will bunch up and be uncomfortable.

The "Sheepskin innersoles" are plain sheepskin with no backing. These innersoles go in any footwear that you wish were cozier! Ski boots, hiking boots, muck boots, even sneakers! We recommend ordering a size or two larger than your usual size because these innersoles are easily trimmed to fit with scissors.

If the innersole comes out and has a foam backing, then you need a "Cloud nine sheepskin innersole" We do not currently have them available on our website, so just give us a call here at (208) 676-0818 to place an order over the phone.

How do I replace the innersoles for my All American Sierras?

View this video to learn how to insert replacement inner soles.


How do I wash my sheepskin products from The Leather Works?
  • When it is time to wash your slippers, remove the innersoles, if possible.
  • Next, wash them in the sink or washing machine on gentle cycle in cold water only. Use a mild soap or shampoo.
  • Remove the slipper parts from the washer and let them air dry. Be sure to lay removeable innersoles flat when drying.
  • It is essential that there be no heat when washing or drying sheepskin products.
  • If your slippers or hat feature long wool sheepskin, brush the long wool after washing. 

This process is only for use with the sheepskin products we make here at The Leather Works. Imported sheepskin footwear should not be immersed in water.  It should be spot cleaned on the surface with a suede cleaning kit.

What does "imported" mean?
We feature several brands of slippers on our website. If you want the finest quality sheepskin and American craftsmanship, look for the All American line of slippers. These are the slippers that we make by hand right here in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, and they have an American flag featured in the product picture.
The Cloud Nine and Woolworks brand are imported which means they are made in China just like 99% of commercially available sheepskin products. However we have worked with these brands for many years and we have chosen them for their quality and durability.
If you are looking for American craftsmanship, look for the American flag!