Why Choose Sheepskin?

  • Sheepskin is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years to keep people comfortable. The wool fibers provide excellent insulation to keep you warm, while the hollow fibers wick moisture away and allow air to flow. This explains why sheepskin products feel comfortable all year round. Sheepskin footwear can be found on the beach as well as at the ski resort.

  • The terms “sheepskin” and “shearling” refer to a finished leather with the wool still attached to the hide. It is a durable and natural leather. Don’t be fooled by imitation materials that are made to look fluffy, like sheepskin, but are actually made from acrylic and other man-made materials. Slippers made from man made materials can feel damp and clammy as opposed to the warm and cozy feeling of real sheepskin.

  • Sheepskin is a superior material for making slippers because it is odor-resistant due to its ability to wick moisture away and allow air to flow.

  • Our sheepskins are sourced from an industry leading tannery in Texas that specializes in domestic sheepskins. We also use some specialty long-wool sheepskins that are sourced from New Zealand and Australia.

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