Slipper Styles and Sizing

Sizing Sheepskin Slippers

Please order you usual shoe size. However, since sheepskin footwear only comes in whole sizes, if you normally take a half size we recommend ordering the next larger size. (For example, a size 8 1/2 should order size 9.) When you first try them on, do so with bare feet; this allows your foot to sink in to the cozy sheepskin. Expect the slippers to be snug at first, so that after stretching you'll have a comfortable fit.

If you have any questions regarding the fit or sizing of the slippers, give us a call for a free sizing consultation! Contact us with any questions by calling (208) 676-0818 or you can send us an email from the contact page.

The following video can help you learn how to check the fit of your sheepskin slippers:

Not sure what style is best for you? Check out our video tour of all our slipper styles!

Sizing Sheepskin Hats

First, measure the circumference of your head just above your ears. A measurement of 21 inches would correspond to a size small, 22 inches would be a medium, 23 inches for a large, and 24 inches for an extra large. When you try on a hat it should feel snug but not tight. If your measurement is to the half inch we would suggest you round up to the larger size. Please keep in mind that we do our best to make these sizes as consistent as hand-crafted can be. However, we do have to cope with the fact that sheepskins are a natural material with natural variations in the density of the fur, so within each size there will be some variation.