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All American Sheepskin Scuff Replacement Sole for Women

All American Sheepskin Scuff Replacement Sole for Women

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Recapture that new slipper feel with these replacement soles for the All American Sheepskin Scuff for women. These replacement soles are only appropriate for our new generation of All American Scuffs that have removeable soles. (Previous versions of the scuffs did not have soles that could be removed.)

These soles are different from the replacement soles that are used in our All American Slippers. If you have Sierra, Alpine, Princess or Royal styles, you will need to order the innersoles for slippers as opposed to scuffs. Some folks like to keep an extra set on hand so that they can wash one pair while the other pair is in use.

To care for your innersoles, machine wash in cold water with mild soap. Lay flat and allow to air dry with no heat. See our sheepskin care page for more details.

Handmade in the USA at The Leather Works in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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